Specialising in Studio Ceramics, the Gallery stocks a wide variety of quality work by makers throughout the British Isles, from Lotte Glob based in the very North of Scotland to the potters of Penwith and Lands End.

Favourite potters of the Gallery include:
John Leach (and the historic pots by his father David Leach), Mike Dodd, Nick Rees, Chris Carter, Sam Hall, John Maltby, Mike Braisher, David Rogers, Colin Jones, Nigel Lambert, Barry Steadman, Richard Phethean, Jeremy Nichols, Jack Doherty and David and Margaret Frith. The list is a long one!



Peter Hayes

Rob Whelpton

Janice Fry

JF-1 58

David Leach

DL-1 270

DL-2 210

Mike Braisher

MB-7 35

MB-15 48

MB-24 35

MB-8 42

MB-17 28

MB-15 35

KC-1 180

KC-2 200

Jack Doherty

JD-2 290

JD-4 210

Akiko Hirai




Ruthanne Tudball

RT-1 55

Chris Lewis

CL-8 210

CL-4 72

Rosemary James

RJ-2 38

RJ-4 20

RJ-18 25

RJ-22 35

RJ-19 25

Steve Neville

SN-1 85

SN-5 55

SN-3 40

SN-4 45

SN-6 45

SN-2 55

Nick Rees

NR-2 45

NR-11 65

NR-8 70

NR-3 80

NR-12 45

NR-5 98

Richard Phethean

RP-4 90

RP-7 100

Chris Carter