Alongside the Studio Ceramics shown in the Gallery, Fine Art drawings and paintings in all mediums have always featured in exhibitions.

Bettles Gallery has built up a coterie of painters who regularly feature in exhibitions and provide a stable of talent to which the Gallery has access. Among the most prominent are Martin Brewster, Brian Graham, Tony Scrivener, Felicity House, Teresa Lawton, Sheila Goodman, Roger Bettle, John Austin Williams, Paul Jones and John Austin Williams.

Martyn Brewster makes paintings, drawings, and prints based on abstract or landscape themes. Through the lyrical and dynamic application of layers of vibrant colour, different places, moods or sensations are evoked. He has lived in Dorset close to the sea for over twenty years.

Brewster has had retrospective exhibitions at the Russell Cotes Art Gallery and Museum (1977), the Royal West of England Academy (2001), and the Study Gallery of Modern Art, Poole (2003) amongst others. He

has won numerous awards and has work in private, public and corporate collections worldwide.

Collections include :-
Victoria and Albert Museum, Tate Britain (library), British Museum, Russell- Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, Arts Institute at Bournemouth and Bournemouth University.

Brian Graham His powerful and often highly emotive paintings are routinely described as abstract. In fact more often than not they deal with the figurative reality of scars on the land. Marks on our physical landscape created by ice-ages, landslides, flood, fire meteorites, and of course, man.

Any single canvas might deal with an entire cliff-side or simply the scored surface of a pebble. Whether playing with scale, mixing things up or telling like it is Graham’s extraordinary paintings deal with over-arching sense of reality that has succeeded in chiming with both the art establishment and the world of archaeology and geology.

Roger Bettle The Marine subjects that make up the majority of Roger Bettle’s work represent well known coastal features which have an importance to seafarers and landsmen alike. With a background in Architecture and building, one sees the influence of these disciplines in Roger’s watercolours.

Being self taught apart from early training in his chosen profession, the water colours show a freshness and simplicity of approach with outline and form. This leaves the viewer to see more and perhaps rekindle latent memories of the observed subject.

Alison Bolton trained at Salisbury School of Art and Hornsey College of Art and has taught advanced art to adults students in Lymington for many years.. She began painting seriously when her children were old enough not to be a constant interruption and has exhibited regularly ever since. Working mostly in acrylic, Alison’s paintings reflect a passion for the landscapes of the New Forest, the reedbeds and the Solent coast; particularly the moods and colours of winter.

“My passions for painting and the natural world have run side by side since my childhood and my landscapes stem from time spent watching and listening in the secret places in the New Forest, Solent coast and the reed beds near my home”.

“Water and light are a constant theme; the bog pools of the forest, the sea or the rivers and streams: the ever changing mood of season and light, dawn and dusk in particular, are the basis of paintings which, though abstract, convey the echo of a landscape seen within a structures which enhances the reality”.

Alison Bolton’s paintings have been regularly exhibited and sold at The Royal West of England Academy, The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour and many galleries in the south of England.

John Austin-Williams “Visual Art affects us most powerfully when it takes risks and John Austin-Williams’ paintings walk the border between representation and abstraction and between vigorous drawing and the sweep of abstract painting.” (Lionel Phillips)

John studied with Cecil Waller and then at the Polish School of Art, London from which he gained a distinction. He is recognised as an artist by the Revenue Commissioners, Dublin.

“A passion for music and landscape provides the basis for much of the artist’s work which is, in turn, primarily about it’s own existence”

Welsh Landscape 19x25 cm £350