Roger Bettle

The Marine subjects that make up the majority of Roger Bettleís work represent well known coastal features which have an importance to seafarers and landsmen alike. With a background in Architecture and building, one sees the influence of these disciplines in Rogerís watercolours.

Being self taught apart from early training in his chosen profession, the water colours show a freshness and simplicity of approach with outline and form. This leaves the viewer to see more and perhaps rekindle latent memories of the observed subject.

John Austin-Williams

"The theme of the exhibition is "Maritime", although none of the pieces submitted is expressly about the sea, it is about the coast, how the sea affects landscape and those who live within it.

The magnificent Dorset coastline provides subject matter for a number of pieces. The Studland peninsular is reflected in "Three Nocturnes". Moving Westwards, the dramatic landscapes of Kimmeridge and Tynham provides visual inspiration and excitement. Further West again, the geologically complex cliffs of the Charmouth area furnish new discoveries for painting and drawing."

Rita Brown

Rita is a contemporary painter fascinated by the re-emerging of fossilised remains revealing themselves after millions of years embedded in the Earth's crust. Her inspiration comes from the subtle light reflected on the water, the textures of the eroded and scarred cliffs, ledges and rock formations along the Jurassic Coast.
Rita's new work is the embodiment of those observations, internalised and developed into abstract paintings.

'I do not paint what is already in existence. What is the point? I create something new, exciting and unexpected from experiencing the landscape.'

The interpretation of her subject is done in an intuitive way making discoveries during the process of painting and allowing a partnership between paint and artist to develop. It is an instinctive choice of materials that brings them together through alchemy.



Brian Graham

In recognition of the role Bettles Gallery played in helping to develop the serious reputation he has now achieved, Brian Graham has agreed to provide us with several small works for our Winter Season Exhibition 2018.

With paintings held in the permanent collections of the Natural History Museum London, the National Museum Wales Cardiff, The Art Galleries of Southampton, York, Leicester and Swindon, as well as the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and UCL amongst many others, he was also selected for inclusion in
British Art: Ancient Landscapes at Salisbury Museum 2017, sharing an intimate gallery space with Barbara Hepworth, Paul Nash, Henry Moore, Constable and Turner.

Grahamís solo 2018 exhibition also at Salisbury Museum, Towards Music was a resounding success.

Nicola Lord

After graduating with an MA in Printed Textiles from the RCA, drawing and painting has always been an integral part of my creative process. I enjoy documenting and capturing a sense of place along with the elements associated with landscape through quality of line, shape and expressive forms.

The use of colour and pattern is particularly important within my work translating a mixed media approach through painting, mark making and surface exploration to capture the atmosphere of a location. My latest work encompasses all of these aspects in an abstracted but contemporary style.

Nicola Lord, Nov 2018