The RINGWOOD FOODBANK works to support people who find themselves on the brink of a crisis. With no financial safety net, a sudden crisis such as illness, redundancy or benefit delay can leave wage earners unable to feed their families or indeed themselves.

The Foodbank works with local front line care professionals, such as GPs’, CAB and Social Services, who identify people in crisis and give them a voucher to be redeemed at the Foodbank centre.

A food box gives them and their family three days of nutritionally balanced meals as well as a caring welcome and guidance to agencies who may be able to help resolve the causes of their crisis.

DIVERSE ABILITIES is a charity working together with families to help meet the needs of local people with physical and learning disabilities.

This support is achieved with taylor made programmes addressing the individual needs through every transitionsal stage of their lives, either in a residential form or in their own homes.

Families, parents and siblings are also given a much needed break from their caring responsibilities, allowing them to have quality time together trying to re-balance their own lives in the face of a lifetime of difficulties.

The Hungry Bowl Lunch, held on Saturday 7th May, was a great success raising £2000 for each of the nominated charities, Food Bank and Diverse Ability and a similar amount for Rotary Charities, £850 of which has been allocated to the ‘Support a Potter’ charity organised by Lisa Hammond.

Many thanks to everybody who participated in and attended the event, helping to make it a memorable and rewarding occasion for everyone!